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*Blemished* Psychedelic Purple Axle Block 1999-2001 YZ 250/125

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Power went out during anodizing and these were stripped then re-anodized.  They look fine but you can see blemishes where the old anodizing was stripped off and it was anodized a second time. 


BDP Racing Axle blocks 1999 - 2001 YZ Psychedelic Purple


  • CNC Machined out of 6061-T651 aluminum
  • Precision laser etched alignment marks for fast and accurate chain adjustments
  • Type II Anodized Psychedelic Purple
  • Made in the U.S.A. 



YZ 125  1999-2001

YZ250  1999-2001

YZ 250F  2001

YZ 400f   1999

YZ 426f 2000-2001